Saturday, October 31, 2009

March 24, 2009 Kara Jones, "Grief & Creativity Coach"

March 24, 2009

Today's topic is 'Life After Death - talking with dead people' Joan will share her experience with people who have passed.

Her guest is Kara L.C. Jones Grief & Creativity Coach. Kara is exploring the heART of life through her work at In addition to offering customized coaching for individual clients
( ), she has embraced the collaborative realms as a key to living a meaningFULL life. In the coming year, she's hosting several Blog Festivals, Artist Collaborations, and offering small group circles that break the barriers of geographic location ( Inconjunction with her coaching work and her certification as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Kara has also had the honor of guiding individuals and groups through the experience of The Hero's Journey. As part of her own Hero's Journey, she founded the 1,000 Faces of Mother Henna project and hopes to launch exhibits of the Faces artwork starting in 2010.