Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 23rd Roz Savage, Ocean Rower & Activist!

February 23
Rescheduled from November 24
Joan's guest is Roz Savage, British ocean rower, author, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner, whouses her trans-ocean rowing voyages to inspire a movement towards sustainable living at both grassroots and global levels.  At age 38, Roz left a mundane existance as an office worker in London to solo-row across the Atlantic to raise awareness on reducing plastic waste.  In 2008 she became the first woman to solo row from California to Hawaii, and last summer rowed from Hawaii to Tarawa in the South Pacific, for climate change.  She is currently preparing for the next voyage, to row from Tarawa to Australia! Her book is "Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean" and her website

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 16th - Randy Rogers "The Key of Life"

February 16th
Joan's guest is Randy Rogers author of "The Key of Life" a thrilling metaphysical investigation into past lives, numerology, reincarnation and more! He is the president of Telefilm, Inc., a LA-based production company that has handled the promotion of films like The Matrix, Harry Potter, Batman, Shrek and Indiana Jones. A career spanning four decades in newpapers, TV and movies has earned him several emmy nominations and press club awards. His websites are and

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 9th Hanan Vedis, Effortless Brilliance

February 9th
Joan's guest is Hanan Vedis, CEO of Effortless Brilliance Coaching. Hanan is a Certified Professional coach and holds a degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour. As a child of war at nine years of age, she had to learn quickly as her life was threatened everyday. Inner strength was not enough. When life presents you with severe hardships, you can either fall into complete hopelessness, or you can merge with your Higher Self/Spirit/Consciousness and have spiritual awakenings. She chose the latter. Hanan will be sharing the insights she has had through her spiritual awakening on how you too can lead a life of joy and inner peace. She will present practical tools that will allow you to deal with difficult emotions and situations. The fascinating thing is, your outer situation reflects your inner state , so be ready for some fantastic experiences, inside and out!
Her website is, and her blog is"

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 2nd - Solarzar and Kyralani, Good Vibrations Radio

February 2nd
Joan's guests are Solarzar and Kyralani, authorities in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Customer Service, and Goal Planning.  They are alchemical expert, ordained ministers, vibrational healers, as well as astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Tarot consultants who offer one of a kind events and readings. Together they host Good Vibrations Radio™: Tools for Transformation radio.  For more information visit , or call 800-965-8939. ***They will be doing readings during the show!!!***

January 26 - Mabel Katz "The Easiest Way to Understand Ho'Oponopono"

January 26
Joan's guest is Mabel Katz, internationally acclaimed speaker, seminar leader, TV show host, author, and consultant. She applies her knowledge, insights, experience, and skills to assisting businesses and individuals in becoming more productive, effective, and prosperous. Her just released book,The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho’oponopono The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions - Volume I, in Digital eBooklet & Audio Set, gives the clearest understanding yet through the answers of the most frequently asked questions from around the world. As Mabel traveled the world presenting Ho’oponopono, she realized everyone had the same questions and concerns. In this new book she gives the answers to understanding the techniques and principles of Ho’oponopono as a way of life.
For her outstanding work she has gained national and local honors and recognition. Mabel Katz specializes in corporate training, keynote speeches, inspirational seminars and HO'OPONOPNO presentations. Her websites are and