Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 9th Hanan Vedis, Effortless Brilliance

February 9th
Joan's guest is Hanan Vedis, CEO of Effortless Brilliance Coaching. Hanan is a Certified Professional coach and holds a degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour. As a child of war at nine years of age, she had to learn quickly as her life was threatened everyday. Inner strength was not enough. When life presents you with severe hardships, you can either fall into complete hopelessness, or you can merge with your Higher Self/Spirit/Consciousness and have spiritual awakenings. She chose the latter. Hanan will be sharing the insights she has had through her spiritual awakening on how you too can lead a life of joy and inner peace. She will present practical tools that will allow you to deal with difficult emotions and situations. The fascinating thing is, your outer situation reflects your inner state , so be ready for some fantastic experiences, inside and out!
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