Saturday, October 31, 2009

June 23, 2009 Tessa & Robert Brauer "Matrix Energetics" "Yuen Method"

June 23, 2009


Joan's topic for today is Everything Is Energy!

Her guests are Robert and Tessa Brauer, certified Matrix Energetics and Yuen Energetics™, Practitioners. From over 25 years researching and practicing health-promoting lifestyles, Robert has learned what best promotes optimal health. Robert believes that living longer truly only serves us if we are healthy and have the ability to enjoy life fully. By aligning his priorities in harmony with natural laws Robert consistently improves his well-being and vitality. He is passionate about sharing what he has learned in simple, practical ways so that you too can increase the enjoyment of your life by easily learning life supporting techniques. He enjoys combining his nutritional gifts with his energetic talents to create true transformation!

Tessa’s ‘tool kit’ also includes The Conscious System by Dr. Dunn, Body Transformation Method by Kathryn Hendricks, Quantum Touch, Circles of Life, Theta, Bowen and several other modalities. She combines her many skills as an intuitive transformational facilitator celebrating her clients' ever-deepening experiences from the inside-out..

Tessa and Robert have been married 28 years. Together they teach and share healthy lifestyles through workshops, teleconferences, phone consultations and personal appointments. They look forward to facilitating your personal enjoyment of life by honoring and respecting the perfection that you are! Their website is