Saturday, October 31, 2009

June 30, 2009 Sylvia Brallier, "Energy Worker, Personal Growth Catalyst"

June 30, 2009


Joan's topic for today is "Communicate, Appreciate, Validate"
Joan's guest is Sylvia Brallier, supremely gifted energy worker and personal growth catalyst. She serves her diverse list of clients, her many workshop attendees, and the highest good for them all. Sylvia endeavors to find the truth in each client’s plight or transformation, explore its depths and serve the highest intention for each individual she intimately works with.
Whether it be through one-on-one counseling, retreats to the far corners of the world or in-depth workshops, Sylvia delivers to the core need of peoples challenges and brings much welcomed and appreciated, love, humor, insight and wisdom to the experience. Her website its