Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 14th Chetan Parkyn Human Design-Discover The Person You Were Born To Be


Joan’s guest is Chetan Parkyn, author of Human Design, Discover The Person You Were Born To Be.
We each have our own unique Human Design; a blueprint of our individual nature. Few of us live in accordance with it, because we don’t know what it is. Instead, we try to mold ourselves to others’ the expectations. Once you know your Design, you begin to live in alignment with your own nature, and therefore with all nature. You can finally just be yourself. Chetan Parkyn has spent the past 16 years mastering Human Design and has made it his mission to bring Human Design to the whole planet. His website is
READINGS & BOOK GIVEAWAYS! Joan has interviewed some *fascinating* authors on the show! This week Joan did free psychic readings doing readings *and* gave away a total of 3 books by authors that have been interviewed on the show!