Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 8th, Betsy Thompson, Walking Through Illusion


Joan's guest is Betsy Thompson, author of Walking Through Illusion. "We don’t take our beliefs with us when we leave here, we take the love we found from having them." Betsy's book is based on ideas that turned her life around from almost being a bag lady to getting a job and being able to retire 18 years later. Although the book talks about Jesus, it is not a Christian book; it is about people who lived long before Christianity began. The book posits that he was a man like any other, here to overcome his challenges and to learn to go within. Walking Through Illusion is more of an emotional accounting than a historical accounting of the people who lived then and their personal growth; it speaks of taking responsibility for our lives, healing our hearts, and recognizing the guidance in right in front of us every day as we face our emotional mirrors in others. Her website is