Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 16th, Eldon Taylor, What Does That Mean?


Joan’s guest is Eldon Taylor, New York Times bestselling author and talk show host . His latest book is What Does That Mean? Exploring Mind, Meaning & Mysteries . It is full of thoughts and questions that can lead you inward in the search for meaning. What Does That Mean? is one of those books that will have a lifetime impact on all who read it. The book squarely faces the many inconsistencies held in our systems of belief, from the sciences to psychic phenomena. Eldon was awarded the 2005 International Peace Prize by The International Cultural Convention for his work teaching self-responsibility. His books, audio programs, lectures, radio & television appearances for over twenty years have approached personal empowerment from the cornerstones of forgiveness, gratitude and respect for all life. Eldon has a doctorate in psychology and hypnotherapy and is the President and Director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. He hosts Provocative Enlightenment on Hay House Radio. His website is