Friday, August 13, 2010

August 10th Marcy Neumann, CELLph LOVE

Joan's guest is Marcy Neumann, RN, spiritual minister, certified hypnotist, Reiki Master level teacher, dynamic speaker and author. She is the creator of CELLpH (Self) LOVE, a unique and cutting-edge 'self help', health and wellness program. In 2007, Marcy created Heartlites Incorporated, to produce her award winning spiritual/personal development products, programs and educational materials based on the 'Law of Attraction' principles. Her private practice embodies 2 of her powerful programs, CELLpH LOVE and Resistance Identification, (Identifying one's resistance to their own well-being), which are being recognized globally as the key to personal sustainability. These programs are the foundation of Marcy’s CELLpH Love Collective Consciousness that empowers people around the world to live lives that are more fulfilling and in complete alignment with their spirits.  Her website is