Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 6th Kara L. C. Jones - 1,000 Permissions Granted

July 6th
Joan’s guest is Kara L.C. Jones, Grief and Creativity Coach and artist behind the works at  Through her Grief & Creativity work, she is exploring the meaning of living a life guided by her heARTwork.  In addition to offering customized coaching for individual clients, she works collaboratively to facilitate small group coaching, intimate seminars for caregiver, and MISS Foundation tele-trainings.  Her self-paced home workshops such as Grief: Finding Your Way, and her books such as Mrs. Duck are wonderful gifts for grieving parents and families.  Her latest book release is "1,000 Permissions Granted: a creative collection of permission slips" available at  This experimental book explores Kara's philosophy that most people stop themselves from living fully when faced with a point of permission-- we cannot give ourselves permission to grieve, or to take a new risk, or find our own way.  This book and all of Kara's work is a support for you as you begin and sustain your own Practice of Permission!  Her websites are and