Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 2nd Monique Chapman, Getting Your M and M's

March 2nd
Joan’s guest is Monique Chapman, Intuition IQ consultant, energy worker, life coach, and authorof Getting Your M and M’s -The Men and Money Book.  Monique’s passion is assisting others in re-discovering their authentic selves and finding their life purpose. She coaches her clients through the metamorphosis of who they are meant to be.  She is the producer and host of the award winning radio show “Walking with Spirit,” America’s premier metaphysical and personal growth talk show and Raise Your Intuition IQ, the fastest growing show on the Achieve Radio network. Monique is an adept in the psychical sciences and specializes in Eastern, Western, Caribbean and African methodologies. As a result she has a unique ability to blend the mystical and practical into a usable and easy-to-access formula. A Reiki Master Teacher, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Minister, Monique provides personal and business consultations worldwide and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States. Her website is